Wednesday, March 21, 2012

IN LARRY DESMEDT WE TRUST after the huge fight weekend, I spent an hour or two with Chris Olarte of Redtail Leather and his Indian Larry inspired panhead. Another upcoming feature for Street Chopper.
Funny thing about Long Beach. It's great for shooting locations... but I always seem to get flanked by homeless people during features. They're all fine and friendly. But sometimes stinky and ask way too many questions.  
I'm just trying to do my job, take some good photos, get a decent interview, but Chris spent more than an hour fielding all the questions about his bike from our new homeless friend. 
The old guy even sang us a new biker song he put together, which I have video footage of that I'll put up later.
It was a good Sunday. I should be writing Chris' feature right around now, its due today. Hopefully Jeff Holt doesn't come to this small corner of the internet and won't see this. 


  1. thanks! photoshop makes me look good!

  2. Yeah, with photoshop and that chrome framed Panhead, you really can't miss. Nice bike!

  3. People think we all homeless are drunk and mentally insane stinky people. But we are nice guys who love nelson, pakajunk and choppers...
    and pepe too

  4. That homeless guy looks a little like me......

  5. Nelson don't worry, this post has no Blue Monster drinks, bars, or vans in it so it probably wont be picked up on by Jeff's radar.. Good seein' all you guys last weekend..

  6. Cool nelson looks awesome ..Thanks for everything this stuff helps me out so much .. Mentally and my business aspect of life ..