Saturday, February 27, 2016


...did you know the actual wheels from that bike still exists? Mike Fucking Scraggs over at ChopperGuys has them and will be building a tribute bike around them. Sent in by MFS. 

Friday, February 26, 2016



Great breakfasts and great albums go together so well. I always Always ALWAYS try to start my day off with music in the morning. Sets the tone for the day, at least I hope to.

Poached egg over avocado and whole grain toast makes me feel like a king. 

Kyuss' Welcome To Sky Valley (the original version, you know, with all the songs connected) is one my life's most favorite albums. Introduced to me by none other than my beautiful hot haole wife, I was a little caught off guard from the beginning track. It's such a great stoner rock album. Songs together in is entirety for a conceptual album's purpose, which a lot of great bands in the beginning days of when rock and roll started sound nice and fuzzier. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016


Last week I got promoted to purple belt. And its been a little strange. Not with jiujitsu at all, just the fact that I miss my old belt. 

Its there, sitting on my dresser. Walk by it. See it. Want to grab it and take it with me every morning. But it's served its purpose. Job well done, belt. 

Been through a lot of training, drills, battles, scrambles. I've taken it with me to Hawaii maybe 3 times. Been to Japan twice (but never got to use it there). Its also been with me to a few spots across our great states as well. 

It was given to me by a friend and training partner on the night of that promotion, which according to google just now, was a little longer than I thought. Its been almost 3 YEARS since I first starting wearing that belt. 2 years and 10 months ago. Wow (I had to use google to search because I couldn't do the math, weak). 

Yeah. I miss that belt.

But now its time for Purple Rain.

Friday, February 12, 2016


SO every other Friday night we have 6 rounds of 10 minute sparring sessions at jiujitsu. Its usually the guys that haven't gotten enough during the week because of their work schedule or guys that are there all the time, just wanting to get better. I can dig both. 

Either way - an hour of sparring in a virtual fight, a chess game of grappling can be pretty taxing. And it gets even heavier when there happen to be a couple of black belt visitors from Guam... from Purebred BJJ Guam, to be exact. 

Sensei Stephen on the far left, Sensei Robert far right. The yobo and the hapa popolo guys are my regular training homies - Josh and Masai.

And back to the two black belts. Its always such a pleasure getting to train with and have live sparring with visitors. Its even a greater time when they're solid black belts. At first, it can be kind of crazy to think that these strangers are going to slap hands with you and agree to fighting until one or the other taps... which says "you got me". A mutual agreement to finish each other in a technical match. 

For the most part though, I feel like I'm in good hands with black belts. 99% of them are not out to try and injure you. Especially not these guys. But I would expect it could get quite ugly if you were to spar dirty or, you know, be a total dick.

I've always wanted to say this, I'm going to be honest, its been even more fun now being further along the whole jiujitsu experience (I tried to avoid 'journey' there, ha ha).  It hasn't really been that long for me but I've consistently been there for about 4-1/2 years now. Never took any "life breaks" and luckily never had any serious injuries, other than a few that had me sidelined for a couple of weeks or so. 

I honestly feel like I just got started. So much more to learn and drill a thousand times over into my brain. Into my muscle memory, to make it second nature. Many lingering questions I never really put into words that just kinda float around there - every time I'm in that position or state of mind during training. Things kinda just pop up in my head then float away.

I do need to take more risks in training; put myself into unfamiliar territory, which will be the only way I can move ahead. But ah, I can go on and on about this. Bottom line that its been fun. 

And then I came home to this delicious meal. Dirty rice. Ground beef, peas and brown rice. And a poached egg on top! Soon as I seen it, I thought to myself "what happened to low carbs today?" But how in the fucking hell do you not eat this? It cannot be passed up. 

Took a second shot of it just to show off my poached egg game. 3 minutes and done. Mahalos to Sasha for hooking it up. I'm feeling loved. I'm just happy. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


I think the Facebook-Bikers may get bullied by bullies. Just saying.

Friday, February 5, 2016


Just rolled in for the V-Twin Expo last night and already been eating pretty frickin well (as you may have guessed).

This old market we found, Findley Market, was established in 1852. So many vendors to choose from but we went with the pasta. 

Glad I actually used the treadmill at the hotel this morning. Hoping 4 miles would cover the olive oil and black pepper pasta dish I had with a side of spicy curry chicken salad and Cincinnati's own chili.

Saw this butcher specializing in BACON. The selection was pretty dope to say the least. Wish they'd cook it for you, I'd have to try the peanut butter bacon just because I love peanut butter. And bacon.