Friday, February 26, 2016


Great breakfasts and great albums go together so well. I always Always ALWAYS try to start my day off with music in the morning. Sets the tone for the day, at least I hope to.

Poached egg over avocado and whole grain toast makes me feel like a king. 

Kyuss' Welcome To Sky Valley (the original version, you know, with all the songs connected) is one my life's most favorite albums. Introduced to me by none other than my beautiful hot haole wife, I was a little caught off guard from the beginning track. It's such a great stoner rock album. Songs together in is entirety for a conceptual album's purpose, which a lot of great bands in the beginning days of when rock and roll started sound nice and fuzzier. 

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  1. oh fuck, Gardenia is such a memorable opener, let alone the entire album. choice!