Friday, June 18, 2010

Flying Rats

English Sparrows been coming every year and try to make a nest into the side of my house, right around spring time it gets the most traffic. I know all their little hiding spots.
Tried to keep them out by putting up screens in the little nooks where they nest but that didn't help. And they shit all over the place. Fuck that.
I find out they're one of our country's top 3 flying pests and can be killed at will. Pellet guns can be fun... but no, not me! I did not fire that pellet gun within city Long Beach city limits!
I just found these guys laying dead all around my house. Just like this rat in my alley.
English Sparrows are flying fucking rats. Other birds are off limits though. I generally really like birds. Not rats though, and their flying counterparts.

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