Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kainan Sa Kanto - Stanton, CA

About twice a month, Brawny and I will hit up Kainan Sa Kanto in Stanton, CA. It's near the borders of Garden Grove, Cypress and Stanton (corner of Knott and Katella). Just enough seating for lunch and you might get lucky and score the table outside where locals usually hang out for hours at a time.
Brawny had just pulled up from a test ride of a customers bike he was tuning up that afternoon.

Kainan's a point-and-eat type of place; technically 'fast food' but no MSG and made fresh. Personally I rather eat Filipino food than fake Hawaiian food anyday. Most "Hawaiian BBQ" places in CA are NOT owned, ran or operated by people who have any type of connection to Hawaii. Some of them have never even lived there... So how in the fuck are they going to be able to make Hawaiian food? They can't! I rarely come across commercialized Filipino food, it's almost always spot-on authentic. Growing up in Hawaii, I ate a lot of Filipino food because, well, there's lots of Filipino's in Hawaii. Eating it for lunch gives me a few moments of "I'm back home again" paradise... but I actually don't know the names of the food all that well. Half the items they have out, I won't know what it is so I always ask.
The meats are usually pork, beef, chicken or goat. And of course there's many parts of each animal that most people aren't used to eating but I ain't scared and Brawny ain't either. We eat and try everything everywhere and anytime.
We ate everything in this place already though... including the dinuguan (pig "blood sausage") and goat stew (kalderetang kambing) which is actually pretty good stuff. No I'm not like Andrew Zimmern, eating stuff just because it's weird. I just don't want to miss out on anything that's just downright GOOD, brah.

This time around Brawny had the crab omelet, lechon (roast pork) and rice.
Choices, choices. We always have a hard time deciding and never want to miss out, so we usually end up splitting one side order. This time we had the pork belly as a side:
I had laing (taro tops, coconut milk, pork bits), sisig (sauteed pork head meat, red/green peppers, onions, lime juice) and rice. I put soy sauce over my rice too. I've actually never heard of sisig until I moved to CA. It's one of my favorite Filipino dishes right now.
Kainan Sa Kanto
7026 Katella Ave
Stanton, CA 90680
(714) 903-6262


  1. "Crab omelet, lechon (roast pork) and rice" - that's the plate for spud. No soy sauce on rice, well maybe a lil bit plus a lil hot sauce like Crystal or somethin'. Looks realllllly good.

  2. That looks hella good **scribbles down address**.

  3. Kainan Sa Kanto, that means Eating at the corner. I'm a hit up that place when I get my sporty back on the road. What other good reason for a long putt?

    Love Hawaii, was there in 96. Watch out for the lechon and Lola (grandma) told me you should only eat that stuff once or twice a year! Haha.

  4. love this it looks amazing!