Thursday, June 17, 2010


There was a time, long before choppers were cool and sometimes weren't even allowed to enter bike shows. Long before Discovery Channel chopper shows and the current plethora of chopper magazines, there were guys BUILDING AND RIDING choppers just because it was what they did. 2500 fucking miles away from the coast of California, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Local motorcycle swap meet? 2500 miles away. No internet, no magazines, no eBay. Imagine that - really think about that.
One of my mentors and best friends is a real deal, true CHOPPER guy. Without any outside influence, he was building true outlaw machines that split lanes and blasted by cops like a fucking rocket ship on fire. He did what he did and still does it. No stories, no tall tales, just a guy with a history of riding and building rigid framed bikes and testing its limits. I can never thank this guy enough! Mahalo nui, Manet!

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