Monday, June 28, 2010


About 7 years ago I made these t-shirts with the help of Tristan (the guy who started Super Sixties). He got the screen done, found the shirts and laid it all out. I was broke as fuck, but he came up with the idea and offered to pay for half of it if I could come up with my half of the dough. I still appreciate that to this day.

The front was a total rip off of what Shop Sam's was making. We wanted to get some shirts from Sam's in Sendai City, Japan, but the US-Japan connection was a little weak for us back then. With his web address change, we thought his business might've gone belly up so we made a limited run of 100 or maybe 200 shirts. I can't remember.

Either way, it was to support the message board I had going (and still do). It costs money to keep the pop-up ads off the site. Not so much anymore since it's private now. It was a pretty neat grassroots effort back then, just to do something for the fuck of it.

These shirts made it to the Born Free Show a few weeks ago, all the way from NV and UT. A little worn out but still running it proudly, I was pretty fucking stoked to see them.

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  1. A few years ago I saw Tha Nutz wearing that shirt at the Danny Grey bike show in St. Paul, MN. Didn't know it was him but I recognised his shirt!