Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The Snake

I have a friend named Pepe.
He's pretty funny and I like to keep a log of all the funny things he says and does.

*Bunch of us were out in the country side, where the parents of a good friend of ours has a killer pad. Couple of hours inland from the coast where we live. Lot more wildlife out there than we're used to...

Me: hey dude if you go by that big rock and those bushes next to it, there's a gnarly fucking snake hiding in there.

Pepe: where?

Me: right there, I just saw it. Just go by that big rock.

Pepe: what? how big?

Me: pretty long, I almost stepped on it. Sasha saw it first. it's right there though.

(Pepe walks over about 50 feet from us and takes a look)

Pepe: holy shit! fuck! check out this snake!

Me: yeah, it's crazy huh

Pepe: this thing is huge!

Me: yup

Pepe: come check it out!

Me: I saw it already.

Pepe: come here and check it out!!!

Me: I already seen it.

Pepe: just come HERE!

Friend's mom (from the window of her house): don't bother that snake - it eats gophers!

Pepe: dude! it's moving! just fucking come here!

Me: ..........

Pepe: oh shit!!! it's going under the rock!

Me: ..........

Pepe: just fucking come here, dude! look at it! come on!

Me: I'm the one that told you about it, I already seen it.


Friend's mom (from the window): I said leave it alone!

Pepe: this thing is huge! fuck! it's crazy! hurry, it's almost gone!

Me: Leave it alone, dude.

Pepe: OH SHIT! you're gonna miss it, it's almost gone! COME HERE!!!

Me: .........

Pepe: check this thing out! fuck!

Me: .........

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