Sunday, July 18, 2010

Carnitas Patzcuaro - Wilmington, CA

This entry by CantStayJose. Enjoy:

I seen this place all the time. At least like 4 or 5 years. I see it every time when I'm driving by on Pacific Coast Highway when I'm headed to the South Bay.
This place looked weird. I thought this place was going to be shitty.
It was like I was in Mexico. Like a Mexican restaurant in Mexico. It was very authentico like being in Tijuana.
I had a Modelo regular to start. Fuck, it just tastes good with a lime in there. That and Dos Equis is my favorite.

The salsa was good, it was like different but good. It was almost like a chipotle taste to it. It was red. I don't like lime on my chips. I didn't put lime on my chips and I don't put lime on my tacos either.
I thought the service was good. The waitress cool and tripping out on us, especially you taking pictures and shit. I bet they thought we were the inspectors.

I ordered lengua, carnitas and pollo tacos. I got a combo plate; rice and beans included.
I think you had one lengua and two carnitas tacos ala carte. Yours came with all kindsa good stuff though. Rabanos (radishes), aguacates (avocados), lettuce and jalapeno peppers. Your plate looked good. It came with like a little salad or something. Mexicans like to add a little salad to the dinner, it always comes with it:
The lengua was the best. It was the best lengua outside of home cooked. I don't mind seeing the taste buds in the lengua. I think lengua is a delicacy. It's the best here. Everybody should eat it. I need to make lengua at home. Have a lengua party. Invite all the lengua eaters. You have to boil it first. The meat just taste like meat but you get all the flavor from your salsa. You can't make it with the red sauce. Has to be the green sauce; tomatillo.
I'd go back to this place, definitely. Next time I'm going to get tacos ala carte so I can have the salad and the peppers and all that good stuff and I'm going to have a side beans so I can eat it with chips. The beans were good there too. Very authentico.
I want to say that white people are funny and talk a lot of smack on Mexicans, but they love Mexican food. So if you like to talk smack go eat the peanut butter sandwich your mommy used to make. Mexicans invented tacos, white people invented peanut and jelly sandwiches.

That's all folks.

Carnitas Patzcuaro
1108 E Pacific Coast Hwy
Wilmington, CA 90744


  1. That looked good as always... You have good instincts for picking spots...

  2. Actually... I only post about places that were good, like above average.

    There's been quite a few misses that we've had, but I don't wanna point those out. Sometimes places that were good can become just average overnight, as you may know.

    my wife and I went to La Cabanita/7th & Pine the other night and they weren't on their game! we were pretty bummed. don't want to take away from the fact of when it was good the three times I went before though, you know?