Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ice Cream Truck!

I don't want to tell anyone about what sucks. I want to tell people what's good. I don't like to bitch about stuff much, I like to talk about what I dig. And sometimes on our adventures to find something good, we leave feeling a little unsatisfied and disappointed. Oh it's a hard life going around trying out new places to eat at for you guys, let me tell you. Such hard work!

We risk our bellies for your culinary reading delights. So we were just on the border of being back in our little hood when we came across this truck. Maybe it'll cheer us up and we can wash down and cleanse all the mediocre tacos we had just ate.

At first, the problem was that there wasn't anyone in the truck. Open window but vacant truck! I told my homey to get us somebody pronto! We finally saw the dude walking over and we felt like we were dying, I mean we waiting a whole 3 minutes and shit, dog. Andale.

Then decision, decisions. Had no idea what we wanted.
What am I gonna get, dude? Confuuuuused!
CantStayJose went with the Coco Pineapple.
How's da pina coco?

Get one for yourself and find out, holmes.
I always like mixing it up and I saw pistachio on the painted menu, so I had to try that. I personally haven't seen pistachio as one of the choices from the helado truck so I had to get that. You should know me by now, if they had beef brains flavor I would've had to get it just for the fuck of it.
I was told by the man that I made a good choice actually, and in fact I did. Pistachio was good, haven't had it in years. And yes it made us forget all that we had for lunch.


  1. The last thing that guy needs is ice cream....

  2. What was after the pina appetizer?