Friday, July 30, 2010


Submitted by Geno of Ol'Skool Rodz and Car Kulture Deluxe:

When we decided to sell the house in So FL and move the business to SE Georgia. one of Barb's gotta haves was a couple of roosters. I said yea sure, thinking there is no way they will allow roosters in a housing dev. I was too used to FL rules and regs. Jesup, GA is sooo different. Most of the houses fly a confederate flag and you can build a garage/shop here without a permit and they don't require titles for cars or bikes older than 1975. Lets just say its a way laid back place that is such a breath of fresh air compared to living in the jungle FL has become.

So we found a house with 5 acres-amazing the amount of house and land you can get
here for the price of a track home in FL. Barb's first priority was the roosters. She went into town to the local pet store and bought these two birds for $10. She named the red one Fryed and the gray one Sawtayed.

We built a small chicken coop with a lamp as they need direct heat in the coop as they grow. Barb would let keep the birds in the coop at night and let them run around the yard during the day. Until they were about 3 months old we would have to chase them at sundown with a fish net as there are chicken hawks in the area who feed after dark. So every night after work we would chase chickens for about an hour. Fast little bastards they are.

We had to get rid of the red one though as it kept chasing and biting our dogs, we gave it to a local farm-they promised us eggs. The gray one runs around the yard like a dog, Barb has it trained to eat out of her hand and it cries for her to come and pet it when it roosts on one of our patio chairs. A few times I have caught it asleep in the garage on the roof of my 49 Merc. Funny shit for sure.

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