Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Submitted by Nos:

So Joey works in Koko Marina as a boat captain pulling tourists on wake boards or those banana boat floating things and just goes around the place in circles. So he decides to build this shark thing to liven things up a bit.

Keep in mind most of the customers are Japanese tourists that never go in the water besides on trips to Hawaii and the others are usually euro or mainland tourists.

That thing floats just under the water and he drops it in while they're not paying attention and it sinks a bit due to weights below it.

Its got a maybe 200ft rope on it, so when they finally see it they start to panic and of course the faster he drives the boat, the faster the "shark" comes after them.

The weirdest thing was that almost everyone would swim AWAY from the boat when they were panicking, like they were gonna beat the shark to the marina wall and climb out or something.
He had to retire it after 2 days because people who live around the marina reported shark sightings and Joey is already the scourge of that place.

The people in the photos were genuinely fucking freaking out.

Aloha, Welcome to Hawaii!


  1. Thats fucking great. Totally something I would do.

  2. Joey should have dove into the water with a fucking butcher knife in his mouth and went commando on the shark...saving the day RAD!