Friday, July 2, 2010

Words & Images from Adam Wright

I used to be a documentary type photographer. A journalist, and I would get crazy gigs, this is some outtakes from that era, some story I was doing on I guess you could say the Muslim lifestyle in Asia.
It was all slides back then and I had a huge tupperware type box full of my photos. Ten years worth.I kept it at my mom's house. My step dad threw them all away. Awesome.These are just some scans I have left.

This stones shot was from LA somewhere around the millennium. At Staples. I was boning some chick that helped run shows at clear channel so I could get into shows and shoot. I shot so much music for a few years. Every arena type big gay act that came to SoCal, from Timberlake and Beyonce to Metallica and Ozzy.
It was rad. The stones were great. Normal guys. I shot from teh stage with my Leica because I was there to get shots not stand with all the photog kooks in the photog pit. When you belong somewhere people get that vibe and leave you alone.