Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hot Summer Day: Somen for Lunch

Since it was a huge disappointment last night with BJ's lost to Edgar, I thought I would invite you all to lunch. We're having my mom's quick-style Somen Noodles. She actually didn't want me to take any photos of this since it was so basic, she was kinda embarrassed about it! I assured her that it was alright because on a hot summer day her somen is fucking great for lunch.

First she always starts out with the somen noodles juuuust right. She always boils the noodles in the biggest pot she has, so a lot of hot water is moving around the noodles so they don't stick together. They are then quickly chilled with ice cubes and sometimes into the fridge for quicker cooling. Then all the extra water is taken off the noodles with a colander, for a perfectly cool, ever so slightly sticky bunch of noodles.

And here's some chopped green onions, dipping sauce, chilled water to cut the sauce with, chopsticks and two dipping cups for Sasha and I. You can get all these items at any Japanese market. Probably some Korean markets too.
She adds a little green onion and kamaboko (fishcake) to the noodles.
And then sprinkle some nori (seaweed) on top of that.
You grab a solid bite's worth of noodles and dip it into the cup, which contains the sauce + a tad bit of water. She happened to have Redondo's Hawaiian hot dogs (that had been simmering in shoyu/soy sauce) as a side to the somen. A few of these items tend to give this Japanese dish a little Hawaiian twist. Can't forget that we add a little wasabi to the dipping sauce too.
Eazy, Breezy, Japaneezy. I was incredibly full.
Always great having my mom's basic somen lunch.
Of course I'm biased but my mom really is a good cook; best in the world to me!

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  1. My dad used to make that for me on hot days. It was the best. I miss it.