Thursday, August 12, 2010


I have a friend named Pepe.
He's pretty funny and I like to keep a log of all the funny things he says and does.

TURTLES of Hawaii
Pepe: oh shit! did you see the turtles in the water?

Me: yup, crazy huh

Pepe: fuuuck! you could go right up to them!

Me: yeah they're trippy

Pepe: they're everywhere dude!

Pepe: what a trip, they're like all prehistoric and shit!
Pepe: did you see any?

Me: I seen them my whole life here in Hawaii, yeah, they're a trip.

Pepe: I went right up to it and touched it dude!

Me: they're pretty neat but I usually just try to leave them alone

Pepe: you can go right up to them and touch them though!

Me: totally, yeah, but I don't fuck with them

Pepe: you dont' touch them??

Me: I have before but nope, I try not to. they're like endangered and shit so I don't wanna fuck with them.

Pepe: you can't touch them?

Me: I don't
20 minutes later, we're in the car with Pepe, Nator and his girlfriend. Driving to a party in Honolulu, checking out another beach with a dozen people snorkling as we're passing by...

Nator: bunch of people out there huh, oh, they're all checking the turtles. a ton of them out there, you can see them from here

Pepe: what? you can? can you touch them?

Nator: you can but you should probably leave them alone, Pepe

Pepe: were they touching them? can you touch the turtles or what?

Me: I think only the L.T.T. can touch them

Pepe: L.T.T? who's that?


Pepe: ..................


Nator: L.T.T!!!

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