Friday, August 27, 2010

TREVELEN - Predictions on UFC 118

Took a moment with Trevelen this morning to get his opinions on tomorrow's fights. Personally, I can't fucking wait to see them.
Me: Trev! Howzit! this is Haole Harold and I'd like to speak to you about some fighting.

Trev: eeeeh!!! hahahaha what's happening Nelson!

Me: so what's the deal tomorrow, let's talk about the fights. Who you tink going win, cuz?

Randy Couture vs James Toney

“I think Toney is gonna come out swinging but I have Couture taking him down and getting him with his wrestling skills. I think Couture gets a knockout or submission on Toney too.”

…a knock out on Toney?

“After he gets him on his back, Toney will go into panic mode and Couture will knock him out. Toney is an amazing boxer though with some series power in punching and in defense. I seen him bring a car tire into a ring, put his foot inside it, and challenge people to make him move. They couldn’t. He has amazing defense skills in boxing.”

BJ Penn vs Frankie Edgar 2

“BJ is gonna redeem himself because he trained here in California at RVCA. Much better than when he trains back home in Hilo, in the islands. I got him on this one though. He just didn’t look himself in the last fight. He trained in Hawaii that time too; get a plate lunch, run another mile. But I know this time he trained with a good camp. I got BJ knocking out or submitting Edgar.”

What do you think of Edgar though? He’s pretty fast.

“He’s like another Mayweather; he throws a couple of blows and he runs out. I don’t know why BJ doesn’t use his jiu-jitsu more; his jiu-jitsu is great. I bet BJ takes him down and does his thing and takes him out. I hope BJ just submits him, gets it over with. Don’t get me wrong, BJ has a strong stand-up too.”

Do you think you’re biased because you have roots in Hawaii?

Of course… OF COURSE. I’m always going to root for the Hawaiian. That’s where my heart lays and that’s where my body is going to lay when I take my last breath and I get taken home.”

Check out more of Trevelen at his blog here!


  1. I mostly agree with everything the big hommie has to say... as for who wins you never know I think it' gonna be a crazy nite..just sayin..

    james Toney is a fat lazy ass

  2. What I HOPE is that BJ ends it with a rear naked choke for complete submission or KO of course!

    Couture vs Toney will be pure entertainment!

  3. I predict I'm gonna knock out that one guy...

  4. my homey trev is on point with his fight preview. I also have to agree with my brother from across Lakewood blvd that James Toney is a lazy fat ass

  5. Maybe Marenivich was the answer for BJ..bummed : ( cause his normal corner "see hommies" were NOT

    Glad Tony was humiliated.