Friday, September 10, 2010

Glory of Garage Built Bikes '05

Someone requested Rockabilly Jay's panhead a few posts back. I thought maybe I had a few shots of it but I guess not. The ones I have are the couple I'm posting here below, which was taken at a bike show Dustin and I decided to put on. It was kind of on a whim, but it was a real cool deal. It's already been 5 years since we did it. What a trip.

It was all word of mouth, we handed out flyers only to people we wanted to show up. And aside from all the criticism we got from a few who were willing to criticize (but not pitch in), the show still went on without a hitch... in the end though, we did get a grip of help from many friends and several local sponsors.

It was held in a little parking lot of Riley's, a place we used to frequent.
We were all flattered by the attendance and the support we got.
This Brawny Built bike is currently frozen in carbonite, like Han Solo. Maybe it's in a shipping container waiting it's owner to return years later, but it's just like carbonite:
Back from my low res pocket camera days. I was too lazy to break out the film camera.
My Buddy Kutty from what is considered to be the Ninth Circle of Hell during the summer time - Hemet, CA.

We had to make sure we were all chill and not causing a ruckus due to the apartments that backed up to the lot. There were still a couple of boneheads that just felt possessed to do burnouts. "Hey this isn't STURGIS, bro!"

Sam's FXR:
It was the meeting of the local nomad, vagabond - call them what you will!!!

Wherever Matt May Rooooam!

oh shit, look! it's the FOX BOXX in the background!
Triumphant Triumphs:
and finally Rockabilly Jay's panhead:
Come to think of it, I might've written the article in The Horse about this bike but someone else took the pictures?
And the debut of Chopper Girl:

I like this part the best. Anthony and Marky of the Shifters showed up about 5 hours late:But that's ok. We still got to hang out so who cares.
I'm hungry.


  1. Thanks Nelson. That bike is just about perfect.

  2. I miss the little candy tangerine Model T roadster pickup Jimmy White and i built at CCHR way back when