Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gyllen Uttern - Sweden

Submitted by Rille, Sinners Sweden:

I was out delivering a car last tuesday, the weather was cloudy with a little rain and I had a great dinner and desert on the roadside. The restuarant is a very fancy old famous restaurant just outside Gränna and its called Gyllene Uttern.

I have wanted to stop and eat there for years and have passed it by at least 10 times a year .
I haven't eaten there since my mom took me there when I was 10 years old. My Mom is 30 years older now then she was at the time and I'm at least 50 years older now.

I had a filet mignon with foie gras, madeirasauce and asparagus and unfortunately I was too hungry to take out my camera until it was finished. For dessert I had a mixed plate of chocolate cake, strawberries and fennel parfait which was soo good that I kept smiling all the way home.

Nelson asked me if I got any photos of the building so when I got another delivery to do two days later I had to pass there again. Of course I had to stop and eat again. The view from the window table that I got was amazing, overlooking Lake Vättern and the island Visingsö.
Now I had a smörstekt röding (I think you would call it butterfried char or loach) with fried mushrooms, crayfish/creme sauce and potatoes as the main course .
Crème brûlée with fresh berries for dessert. I'm still smiling. Great food but expensive so I cant go there for a while now, need to save some money so I can go to so. cal again soon.

bon apetit,