Saturday, September 4, 2010


On my way home the other night I spotted this sticker on the back of a slammed Chevy S-10.

I thought it was fucking funny.
I love lowered cars and trucks.
I do not love lowered FXR's.
But that's not what I want to talk about right now.
I had a S-10 once sometime in the 90's. I bought it off of some dude that lowered it, painted it, put those rims on it. I was all into it because it had a long bed so I thought I could load bikes on that back of it. It had AC and auto trans. Perfect for Hawaii.
That's the only photo I have of that truck, parked in front of my friend's house. Then I got stupid one night and raced some guy in a 80's VW Scirocco over the H-3 freeway through the rain. It was fun as hell but then when I got to the other side of the mountain, I heard a little knock-knock-knock. It was all over.

I only loaded a bike into the back of that mini truck... like once.

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