Sunday, October 24, 2010


This had been a long time favorite for a lot of my friends whenever Sasha made it for us. It's easy to make so step up and do it.

First get 6 or 7lbs or pork butt or pork shoulder. This will feed 4 big people plus lots of leftovers.

Get Hawaiian salt and liquid smoke ready. If you don't have Hawaiian salt, just use medium grain chunky salt.
Then get small handful of chunky salt and rub it into the pork.
Then just a small cap full of liquid smoke. No more. you add any more than this to 6 or 7lbs and you will regret it.
Think back to the time that dumb ass was text message while you split lanes by him and he nearly (unintentionally) ran you off the road. Remember that rage and get a knife. Stab a few holes in your pork. At this point the pork should be covered in salt and liquid smoke.

Add an inch (or less) of water into your crock pot. It'll need this liquid to cook it. Now put the cover on and leave it cooking for 6 hours, maybe longer, depending on how quick your crock pot can cook. If you need to leave and go to work, go for it. Don't forget to plug your crock pot into a power strip with a breaker on it because I don't want to get blamed for your kitchen being on fire.
And then 6 to 8 hours later the pork comes right off the bone. Take out all the bones.
Shred the meat apart.
After you're done shredding it should look like this. And if you've seen the movie North Shore, you can start repeating the line "broke his stick he shred so bad!" over and over to irritate your significant other.

I usually add fine ground pepper to the pork right around now. Add to taste.

You'll need to chop up about half a head of cabbage.

Like this. Just get crazy but don't chop it up too small.
When you check out your pork and it tastes good and you know for sure it's all cooked, add the cabbage. Let it cook for another 30min to another hour.
Kalua Pork Cabbage in the mutha fuckin HOUSE.

All you need now is good rice (BROWN RICE IS FINE, HATER YOUR WHITE RICE SUCKS ANYWAY). You need good rice, soy sauce and a hearty appetite because I assure you, all your friends will love it. Even your honky friends.


  1. coincidence but last night all my honky friends were over watching Brock get handled and I served em up Kalua pig, rice and mac daddy...but I cheated and hit the local plate lunch spot for the food. and they all went nuts over it it was so tasty. but now I know how to do the pork, so next time it's on. thanks dude.

  2. Nice! I like hearing that.
    Life's too short for burgers and fries!

    Also if you cook the pork as I mentioned with less salt and the same amount of liquid smoke, just dump out all the liquid after it's cooked and just add your favorite BBQ sauce. Then mix.

    Get buns and you got easy BBQ pork sandwiches.

  3. Nelson,
    I made this week it was excellent, I added garlic to the water in the crock pot. Thanks for the recipe.