Friday, October 29, 2010


Yup, word is out that he really "put a fork in it and it's DONE" this time.

He's down to one full time employee tying up loose ends and 2 part time girls working the t-shirt counter. Website is gone too. A few select West Coast Choppers parts will go onto be manufactured by 3rd parties and distributed through CCI. Far as I know right now all these 3rd party manufacturers are here, stateside.

All the stalkers, closet/unadmitted stalkers and fans continue to talk about him regularly like a man possessed or a woman scorn. Fuck it, I don't care much about that. But if you work in the industry, you can't help but to carefully watch it all unravel.

Will be interesting to see what comes of all this on the other end of the tunnel for all of us after this downtime we're having.

Oh, this photo of me with the Boo-Ya hair was... circa '97? WCC was still in Paramount long before the days of, uh, all kindsa shit! I came to L.A to hang out for a week. I still own that Indian Larry shirt. I barely ever wear it or wash it but it's not stinky. And I wear the same god damn glasses and boots to this day. I have stunted growth in height and in fashion!


  1. Im glad I was able to get my bike finished before they closed the doors!!!!

  2. I too met J in 97 he was down to earth cool dude, went back in 2000 and caught him walkin into the shop on a side door & the kool shit was he remember me! We talk how crazy the whole chopper this and that was compared to back then!