Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I called T-Rod at work and told him to give me the basic details. If he gave me the info I wanted, I'd start letting T-Rod and Rusty win when we arm wrestle. It was as easy as that.

So here's what T-Rod had to say about his bike, in his words. Check it out.

Some years ago my friend found this '88 FXRS on eBay. It came from the Midwest with a Florida license plate. The bike wasn't running good so he brought it to me.

We found mud under the gas tank, between the tank and the frame. So we figured out it was completely submerged during Hurricane Katrina. I disassembled the bike and found more mud inside the fork legs. There was mud inside the transmission too. My friend didn't have a lot of money so we patched it up and got it running for him.

I ended up buying this bike from him and he bought it back... then sold it to someone else. Years went by, and I was looking for another FXR. Then I found this very same FXR again and bought it back again. It came back to me after all this time.

I took it completely apart AGAIN. I cut some minor brackets off the frame, remounted the rear brake reservoir under the right side-cover.I also decided to send the cases back to H-D for new ones.

I personally built the engine complete from the flywheels up. S&S rods, Truett & Osborne flywheels, J.E Pistons, Branch Heads, Mikuni carb and a Dyna ignition. I switched the tranny from a tapered shaft to the more modern splined shaft. Basically it's an 80" with .020-over super high compression pistons.

Made the exhaust out of left over header pipes in the shop. I used a speedway bike muffler from Supertrapp.

I'm running FXR3 wheels . After these photos were taken, I swapped out the front end for 4" over's and also got new handlebars, which I traded with CantStayJose.

California Classics painted and pinstriped the bike. I wired the whole bike with 12 wires, making it simple as possible. I cut the back off the stock rear fender and mounted a West Eagle taillight. I was just inspired by bringing a bike back from the dead.

Nice Job T-Rod. This is the best looking completely rebuilt FXR I've seen in years.


  1. that bike is awesome
    is that the same dude that races speedway?

  2. Yup, same dude and yeah that bike is really clean. I'm jealous of freshly powder coated FXR frames. My bike is so tattered.

  3. hi, new to the site, thanks.