Thursday, October 7, 2010


I made my dogs wear hats this morning and had them answer some questions.

Name: Vilano
Breed: Rottweiler
Age: 11 years old
Born: Ewa Beach, Hawaii
Raised: Makaha, Hawaii
Likes: Jose and Brawny
Dislikes: Mailman, strangers, being told what to do.

She says: my boss man made me wear this hat so I could represent RHPS. I hate Cesar Millan. Ever since my "pack leader" bought an entire season of his stupid show on DVD, I been listening to everything he says even more now, like I'm hypnotized or something.

I miss swimming at Kualoa Beach Park but the cool weather in Long Beach is pretty choice. I'm missing one eye from doggie glaucoma but fuck it, I'm a pirate.

Name: Sly
Breed: Rottweiler Mix
Age: Unknown
Born: Unknown
Raised: South Central L.A
Likes: Cookies
Dislikes: Strangers

He says: I was found roaming the streets of South Central, living life outlaw-style. I was then taken into a shelter. Two families adopted me but returned me for being too crazy and shit. Nobody wants damaged goods, right? After two years in the pen, Sasha and Nelson hooked me up. They took me in even though I had a bad attitude and I'm not too easy on the eyes.

I got some serious missing/cracked teeth, a crooked jaw, crooked leg, scars on my face and torso, both my ears are torn but I'm a scrappy mother fucker if you wanna test me out, holmes. I ain't scared of shit but I'm on permanent vacation now; I left my thug life behind.

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  1. i about shit my pants when i met these two!