Friday, October 1, 2010


I have a friend named Pepe.
He's pretty funny and I like to keep a log of all the funny things he says and does.


This one is from 3 or so years back. Noar and I was in Nator's garage adjusting my new taller rear shocks from Race Tech. I was pretty stoked because I had just put them on my FXR. It was just the two of us when Pepe pulled up on his FXR.

Here's how it went...

Me: I think the preload is a little on the stiff side but what did you think of it?

Noar: felt good to me, it was actually pretty nice going around the traffic circle.

Pepe: hey you do all that shit to your bike but do you ever GET ON IT?

Me: .......?

Noar (looking at Pepe curiously): .....?

Pepe: yeah, you ever GET ON IT? like really get on it?

At this point, every time Pepe says "get on it" he motions with his right hand like he's giving full throttle.

Me: what?

Pepe: no dude, have you ever really gotten on it?

Me: like give it full throttle...?

Pepe: I don't think so, dude. These bikes, psssht, these FXR's, you can really get on it with these bikes, man.

Me: I've had this bike for 12 or 13 years, Pepe.

Pepe: yeah but do you get on it?

Me: hey Noar, maybe I need to adjust the damping on the fork to match the shocks.

Noar: yeah try it out for a couple of days, see how you like it

Pepe: you need to GET ON IT with this bike, dude.

Me: I've rolled the odometer on this FXR, Pepe. I probably got on it.
Pepe: I don't think so. These bikes, I'm telling you, you can really get on it.

Me: I had this bike 3 times longer than you've had your FXR and this whooooole time, you think I've never ran it through the gears at full throttle?

Pepe: ....whatever dude, I'm outta here.

Pepe bails, then a short minute of silence...

Noar: hey Nels.... you ever '
get on it'?


The End
but the fun never ends.


Submitted by The Hater:


Some people are natural born leaders. Others want to be like them. When they come up with catchy phrases, everyone immediately copies them. For example, thanks to alluring figures like Too Short and Snoop Dee Oh Double Gee, everyone from your friendly neighborhood hood-rat to your accountant knows what the word “biatch” means and how to use it in proper context.

Pepe is like that. Kind of.

Shortly after Nelson’s suspension tuning interlude……

The Hater: Whoa! Turn it back, that was Moto GP!

“…and coming out of turn 3, Rossi commands a formidable lead here at Catalunya…”

Pepe: psssht…

The Hater: hey…you think those guys…uhm…get on it?

Pepe: tsk…

Pepe: psssht…

The Hater: Did you hear that?

Pepe: What.

The Hater: Nothing, I thought I heard a snake or something.

Pepe: psssht…dude, I could beat those dudes on my FXR…

The Hater: uh-huh…

Pepe: psssht…

The Hater: …there’s that noise again…

Pepe: tsk…

The Hater: you know, those bikes weigh about half as much as your FXR and put out about 3 times as much horsepower…

Pepe: psssht…so?

The Hater: and those dudes weigh about 50 lbs less than you…

Pepe: tsk, psssht…

The Hater: they probably don’t get on it though

Pepe: psssht…

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