Friday, October 15, 2010


I have a friend named Pepe.
He's pretty funny and I like to keep a log of all the funny things he says and does.


Pepe: hey when you come over for that impact screwdriver I need you to look at something on my panhead.

Me: ok, I'm coming over now

(quick bicycle ride over)

Pepe: so check this out, man. you know that parkerized hardware you told me to buy for my panhead? well it's kinda rusting and shit, look.

Me: oh yeah... I didn't think it would rust that easy.

Pepe: is it supposed to rust?

Me: fuuuck, I just didn't think it would rust THAT easy.

Pepe: well, it's only like surface rust though. I put WD40 on it and it's all good.

Me: fuck it, just WD40 all the hardware...

Pepe: is there anything else I could use?

Me: well... aside from stainless, chrome and zinc or whatever, there's this ONE type of coating that not many places do.

Pepe: what? what's it called?

Me: it looks EXACTLY like parkerized but it will never rust. Looks PERFECT for old shit, dude.

Pepe: what's it called? who does it?

Me: not everybody does it though... in fact, not many places even know what it is anymore. South Bay Chrome, they don't know. Or even Cal Bumper, they don't for sure. But like little old school specialty shops, like Artistic Silver Plating over on Orange near the driving range, they do it.

Pepe: no shit, what's it called?

Me: parkerdoodle.

Pepe: parker-what?

Me: parkerdoodle.

Pepe (slightly nodding, looking at hardware): parkerdoodle... parkerdoodle...

Me: yup, uhm, I gotta bail...



Submitted by The Hater

...and on the next day...

The Hater: hey, you still take your stuff to Cal Bumper for chrome?

Pepe: yeah, they still do good work. I take all my shit there.

The Hater: do they chrome aluminum?

Pepe: you know, not sure... they might.

The Hater: ok, cool.... oh, hey, how about parkerdoodling, who do you like for that?

Pepe: you're stupid, dude.

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