Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Uuuh, I got nothing to say right now other than

the fact that I had mac and cheese last night with bread crumbs. Noo, not out of a box.

But these biscuits were out of the tube, but those kind are always good:


  1. Kraft has a new mac & cheese that is made to be baked and has bread crumbs and stuff on it I think . Amy made it for me last week and it was actually super good . . . for quickie mac & cheese

    tube biscuits are always good though . no argument there !

  2. Nelson
    we just had some homemade mac n cheese last night and made some porcupines wit it
    Beef rice a roni mixed with one egg and a pound of burger made into 1" balls, brown them and 2 cups water with the packet add to porcupines and simmer 20 minutes..da shit bro