Thursday, November 4, 2010


I took this photo in passing of a fairly typical style of wedding I've seen here in the L.A area. Sometimes with old school zoot suits and sometimes tuxes but many times with lowriders.

Let's see what CantStayJose has to say about this:

"Fuck, I dunno. Sometimes I seen white guys with lowriders at their weddings when they want to look all gangstered out and shit. Sometimes I go to a Mexican wedding and its limos and regular food; you know like steak, chicken and asparagus. No riiiice, no beans. But with mashed potatoes, like in a cup, fancy style. It's not like buffet style either, no line. They bring it to your table!

I've been to my good homeboy's wedding and he's Mexican. But they had hot rods and he was in his Merc. Maybe it was in an old church. When we went back to his house, he had a DJ and a taco cart. No lowriders. I guess that's it."

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