Thursday, November 18, 2010


Shop Sam's builds rigids just how I like them. If my job were to build whatever I liked all day long, I would've eventually built a bike exactly like this one. Influenced by the traditional Frisco layout and outlaw styles of the past it all gets carried on today in Sendai, 6000 miles away from where it originated.

Sam must have been in business in the 15 to 20 year mark by now. He's been around a long time, long before any of this was the cool thing to be into and little buzz words were being thrown cheaply like spitballs.

"This chopper is almost complete. This guy comes from the Oita prefecture, which is about 1000 south of Sendai."
"First time with a Harley, kickstart and jockey shift."

Check out Shop Sam's.


  1. I've got a few japanese mags that are at least ten years old and their bikes were really rad back then too. Back when everyone here in the states were racing for the fattest tire and craziest paint jobs on their bikes.

  2. I see that Sam Rocks Hot Wires on some of His V-Twins ,

    I like SAM!!!!

  3. Here's a pic of a Shovel from Sam's. One of my favorites for sure. I think you'll have to maximize the window to see it full size.