Sunday, November 7, 2010


T-Rod went down a couple of days ago on his FXR. Here's what he has to say about it:

I was on the 405 North, where it meets the 55, leaving my house in Orange County. White lining it with the traffic around me completely stopped. So this guy got into my lane; changed lanes right into me outta no where.

He crushed my whole right side of my leg and foot against my bike. It tore the right-side foot controls off my bike and dented my pipe. Good thing my foot was above all that because it would've been much worse. I ended up being bounced back into the next lane and running into the car in front of me, I couldn't stop in time.

When I stopped I didn't want to even look at my foot. I thought it was unattached. Then I looked and my shoe was still on so I was glad.

I went into the emergency room that night. They told me I had two broken toes, badly bruised ankle/bones. Severe swelling. It looks like a dead man's ankle, like a zombie.

I'm in pain, it is what it is but...

...that's what happens when you


  1. Sorry to hear,man...
    I wish him a speedy recovery,so he can keep GETTIN ON IT!!!!

  2. Damn bummer get well!
    Petcocks shipped Nelson you should have them today or tomorrow.

  3. fuckin cages, dam man ya got yer self a flintstone foot as we call it homes

  4. Sorry to hear T-Rod got hurt, hope he feels better and is back on the road soon.