Monday, December 20, 2010


OH FUCK! I like this. ALL business.

What do I like about it? You can't see? Of course you can't. Because Ben didn't spend money on shit so he could look like Jax. Instead, this homey spend his money on a 89" stroker kit from S&S. And he isn't new to strokers either, having ridden a 98" stroked shovel rigid that lays 50 foot rolling burnouts.

So how is it with the stroker kit?

"Runs great! after I broke it in with 3 heat cycles and oil changes out the ass. Didn't beat it too bad til I was over 500 miles. I was riding down the highway with my buddy and at about 100mph, I twisted it and slid back in my seat and left him way behind. After we got off the highway, he said I left him like he was sitting still. Think i need to change the gearing to pull better wheelies though."

"So I have the 89" kit with a 561 cam, Wiseco 10:1 pistons, ported and polished heads, Black Diamond valves and Sifton valve springs."
"Super E carb, Dyna-S Ignition and a Thunderheader that a buddy gave me for $50."
Check out Ben and his boys here.
I'm not alone with broken coils!

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