Sunday, January 23, 2011


...after we had our three pizzeria and falafel extravaganza, we left our nice little hotel and ran into this guy a block away on Varick and Charlton in Soho. It was too early for us to be eating a gyro or a shwarma but FUCK it looked and smelled good.

We asked the guy what his normal hours were like and he promised us he'd be there fully operational until 4:30pm no matter what.
After our long day out and about, we cruised by exactly at 4:20pm and he was totally shut down. "I'm sorry my friends, I had such a good busy day... I have ran out of food. I am so sorry!"

Oh well, it's cool he was busy at least. Guess it was never meant to be... and I keep thinking if he was so busy, it must've been fucking good. I should've man-styled it and had a shwarma instead of yogurt that morning.

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