Friday, January 21, 2011


So after eating at Joe's Pizza, Bleecker Street Pizza and cocktails at a bar with the questionable acoustic cover band, we walked out with a buzz and had a falafel at Mamoun's. As we walked just a couple of doors down... we ran into Artichoke Basille's Pizza. Oh no, what are we to do? Do we need to sample a slice of this bad boy to wash that falafel down? Yeah, I guess so.

Me: dude, let's get a sliiiiiice

Jose: fuuuuck I can't do it!

Me: wait, who are you?! I thought I came to New York with Jose Gonzalez? You must be JUAN GONZALEZ! an imposter!!

Jose: I can't eat any more.

Me: lets split a slice. gotta sample.

Jose: fuck. ok.

Inside Artichoke's wasn't anything unusual compared to the other pizza places, aside from them blasting Wu-Tang. The guy working the counter was funny though. He's telling the guys in front of us "I said no cheese pizzas left, you gotta choose somethin' else!"

I got the Sicilian and had it split in half. I noticed that there's comes with basil. I should've gotten the artichoke pizza, what was I thinking?
It was a little greasier than the other two places we ate at that night but it definitely was good. I think it was even better than Joe's Pizza. Always need a second slice to confirm that but there was no room left in us. Good, tasty crust. Cheese and light sauce was perfect. They weren't using the cheap stuff. Wish I could've gave this place another shot but we never went back this way.

I miss NY pizza.

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