Saturday, January 1, 2011


Went down to San "Juan" Diego yesterday to shoot The Hater's Big Dance Number which is a 113", kick-only, magneto driven and battery-less long bike. It'll be in the next issue of Street Chopper.

This bike has had some serious miles and a beating put down on it for 10 years now. I remember the first time he ever tried to kick this bike over, he broke the kicker gear (too much hate). But don't worry, he also has lots of aloha.

I've always been envious of this Edlunds wishbone frame.

1 comment:

  1. 'Sup Nels,
    happy new year to you and yours.
    I remember this bike and Dave roaring up to a barbeque you had years ago. Very fast and loud, in my head he didn't have a kickstand and just leaned it up.
    Then he starts eating...
    Dude can eat.