Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Submitted by Craig Nishida:

This was the first Jap car I wanted, the Datsun BRE. Saw one in a Datsun dealer’s lot in Kaneohe walking home from school one day. Lowered heavy duty suspension and the cool paint. I wanted the blue one.
The dealer also sold Dodge and the old Chinese salesman saw me lusting for a Hemi Charger they had displayed. He let me sit in it and start it. Don’t know if you remember the scene from Mad Max where he first hears the black Interceptor but I had the same glazed eyes, open mouth drooling look. Never had money for either one but years later I did have a GTO.

Single 4 barrel Quadrajet, Powerglide 2 speed automatic. The GTO was a beast. Rear suspension was pretty loose so she’d smoke the tires at 50 mph.

Sold it to buy a bike. I think it was the RD400 but old brains fuzzy.

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