Thursday, January 27, 2011


You didn't think we'd stop searching out and eating slices only after having Joe's, Bleeker Street and Artichoke Pizza... did you? Well, this is the last one I have on tape as I did not document any more spots.

Famous Ben's Pizza was definitely worth noting though. We thought it was a pretty good basic slice here.

We were on our way to the launch party for the COMUNE UNKNOWN project and did not want to show up starving. So we had to, uh, make sure our route was in the path of a solid pizzeria and Famous Ben's hit the spot.
There was much more than delightful slices. All kindsa baked and fried morsels of goodness to choose from. Wish I could've taken a bite out of all of them. Don't want to miss out, right?
We had a couple of little pepperoni rolls just to check it out since they were 75cents each but it was nothing special. I bet the calzones (which ChopperDave has never eaten in his entire life, believe it or not) and the other baked goodies were off the hook though. I love baked stuff.
We couldn't wait for some other pies to come out of the oven so we went with a slice of the white cheese pizzas. The crust was pretty good here. Since Joe's Pizza was the first slice of NY style pizza, I use that to gauge this one too. I would say it was on par with Joe's. Nothing too crazy special. Bleeker Street Pizza was still on top out of the four we ate at.

After the quick slices we were off to the launch party. CantStayJose was a busy man:
This was the last shot I got of the deal before it got really packed.. It was pretty cool to see familiar faces show up all the way in NYC.


  1. So, what is it exactly that Jose is doing? I never heard the story......

  2. He's doing this: