Thursday, January 20, 2011


On the same night we had slices at Joe's and Bleeker Street, we tried to find a dive bar. We asked some college kids where to go and they told us about MacDougal street having a row of bars. I'm not sure if we should've listened to them, because we ended up being stuck listening to some young dudes playing several covers of Red Hot Chili Peppers... all acoustic. Yikes.

We didn't travel 3000 miles to listen to Give It Away for the 10,000th time, but I have to admit their spirited Ace Of Spades cover was interesting. At this point I knew I should've hit up Cicero or maybe Keino for a more low-key bar in the area but it was too late. So fuck it, I had a cocktail buzz and Jose had a few beers... so we were ready for more food.

Walked out of the bar, took a right, walked a block, and ran into this!:
Before I snapped that above photo, there was a line of 4 people waiting outside just to get in. We pushed our way in and took a whiff and it smelled good in there. I asked the dude, "hey... we're here all the way from Long Beach, California. Yup, just got in tonight. What's the #1 thing on the menu we should try?" He replied "THE FALAFEL, absolutely!"

So two falafels it was.
This little spot only had like seating enough for about a total of 6 people. Small space, I didn't mind. Long as the food was good... and holy shit, it was the best falafel I ever had.
Every falafel I had so far in my life was just sub-par compared to Mamoun's middle eastern taco delight.
Sorry - it looked and smelled so good I only got a close up after I had taken like 4 bites.

Would I trade L.A area tacos for NY falafels and pizza? lets negotiate.


  1. Those taco trucks,
    with an ice cold beer...
    You can mix it, some carnitas, put some beans in it, some hot brown sauce.
    Then you can have a lamb chop one, some lime maybe a green sauce.
    Then a Tongue, some cabbage some hot sauce.
    Then a prawn.
    Well you get the picture.
    It's $12 for 3 very average tacos in London.
    Then you got chile verde, huevos rancheros, menudo, the gringo tacos with mince and sour cream.
    Fucking burritos Wey.
    Mexican food is the best in the world.

  2. Nelson, Mamoun's was literally directly across the street from my first apartment in NYC, my wife and I used to eat there all the time. There were piles of wrappers and lettuce on our stoop every morning from the drunk slobs. After midnight, there was almost always a line there, you would get a ton of famous comedians there too, because many of NYC's comedy clubs are in the area also. The coffee shop next door, Cafe Reggio, is also really well known, it is one of the oldest coffee shops in NYC.