Wednesday, January 5, 2011


...this time from the U.K.!

Renshaw fills us in on the dreamy Scotch Egg goodness:

I was moved to write to you by the scotch egg on pakajunk having parsley sprinkles on it and served on a bed of iceberg lettuce... fuck, only in LA. In the UK the scotch egg is usually served wrapped in plastic and heated up in a microwave in the petrol station and is usually followed by a dose of vivid indigestion.

However the gastro pub world has recently re looked at poshing up the Scotch Egg. This one here [excuse the crappy photos] I came across on my work Christmas drink up... I wasn.t eating it - some girl was sitting quietly on her own at the bar with a book, a pint of guiness, a Scotch egg [runny yolk!] and then she got a portion of cauliflower cheese...
her choice was so good she went from a 4 to a 7 immediately and I bought her a tequila shot.

I am going out after woodcock this weekend - Ill send you an update if all goes well.

1 comment:

  1. Yes Renchy.
    If you lucky, you can sometimes come across the SCOTCH EGG LOAF.
    This is a Magical thing.
    They elongate the egg so that every slice has a perfect cross section.
    Put some HP on the bitch.
    Cup of tea, glass of beer?
    You choose!