Monday, February 28, 2011


When CantStayJose and I showed up to shoot T-Bone and his amazing trike, he had a little limp and mentioned that he might've broken his foot. I kinda thought "yeah, yeah, whatever".

8 hours later, I get this photo along with a phone call from T-Bone:

"Before you guys got there I was trying to tune that S.U carb and I was pushing the trike, trying to get a running start so I could jump on it and start it. I barely missed and one of the back tires ran over my heel but somehow ended up breaking a bone on the top of my foot. I'm gonna make a hook on the shifter so I can ride with a cast! I need to ride that thing!"

Here's a sample photo from the feature that day. Its for a future issue of Street Chopper... I'll post more soon.


  1. no worries bra! straight edge heal fast! nailed to the X made outta crutches!!!!

  2. went to orthopedic today. small chip off the corner of a small bone on top of foot. no hard cast, just walking cast. 4 weeks down tops