Monday, February 14, 2011


I would like to take a moment to post this for Dustin aka The Nator.

We all have seen Fedor and his sweater. He apparently loves this sweater because he's worn it on several different occasions.
Maybe it's nothing out of the ordinary if you're from Russia... but it stands out to many of us who are not.
Fedor is very generous with his sweater. He's lent it out to his friend Anderson.
And then Anderson thought Forrest was kinda chilly rolling around by himself so he let him wear it too.
Chuck got jealous so he got one of his own.
Things got kinda weird when Fedor started wearing it during fights.
It must have something to do with Fedor being a devoted Christian because I think Moses wore something similar too.
And of course Wanderlei had to get on the sweater train and get one for his mini-me:
But Fedor can be without the sweater... and he picked up a Fedora.

All jokes aside this man had an amazing streak and looks like he may be calling it quits.


  1. Ice cream good,
    Fedor like.
    Fedor smash big duck.
    Smash good...

  2. I hope he finds his beloved sweater, drops to 205 and starts stomping ass again, the man is a machine but can't compete with dudes that are 40lbs heavier than him on fight day it's just to much, FEDOR FIND THE SWEATER!!!

  3. the glorious sweater of absolute victory.

    Fedor was the GOAT, FTW

  4. Fedor is still the greatest of all time, just not right this time...