Sunday, February 6, 2011


Anderson The Spider Silva has proved to us all that he's just like Peter mother fucking Parker last night.

Or maybe just like Steven Seagal?!

"Adding to the surreal nature of the result, Silva credited actor Steven Seagal, among others, for teaching him the kick that led to the finish. Seagal was in the crowd at the Mandalay Bay Events Center as one of Silva's guests."

Click here for the article and the video interview.

Here's the ending 29 seconds of the fight. Check it out before YouTube takes it down:


  1. This dude just needs to retire. He has no real competition. Sonnen gave him a run, but dude was roided up. And now they're talking about GSP. C'mon, GSP is a midget compared to Silva. UFC would be sacrificing him just to make a fight. If anything the spider should be moving to light heavy, especially since his buddy Machida is no longer champion. Imagine Silva vs. Jon Jones. That fight would be bananas. Fuck it, I need to be running that company.

  2. Personally I'd just like to see Silva vs GSP just so I can see GSP get his ass fucking kicked.

    I always assumed Silva was going to retire after he fights GSP.

    Shogun Rua vs Jon Jones might be very interesting though! lucky that kid is getting his title shot so soon!