Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I have a friend named Pepe.
He's pretty funny and I like to keep a log of all the funny things he says and does.


So about 3 years or maybe 4 years ago, every time Pepe asked me by text message "what time" we were going to go somewhere or do something, I usually couldn't help myself but to reply with "GOOD TIMES BABY!!!".

Not exactly sure what made me do that to begin with. Well, I guess its because I knew it would make my favorite homey trip out a little bit since he always likes being early to just hang out in general... and I totally appreciate that. I just can't let Pepe have all the fun all the time - I gotta get a laugh too!

So here's a small collection of GOOD TIMES BABY's I've saved. And if you're trying this at home, the general rule is to get your friend to ask with the word
"time" otherwise it doesn't count.

I always just wished Pepe would ask me "what time is good times" but he never did. If he did that, I swear he would've gotten a clear answer from me. This one time (below), I got pretty close:

Fairly recently, I finally spoke to Pepe about all the GOOD TIME BABY's. Here's what he said about it.

Pepe: You might think that shit is funny but it's pretty fucking irritating sometimes.


I mentioned this to The Hater one day too. He thought it was pretty funny and gave it a shot while sticking to the rule. Check it out.

Submitted by The Hater:

The Hater: Hey, so uh, what are you doing tomorrow?

Pepe: I think I'm gonna go to the swap meet in the morning.

The Hater: Oh really? I think I'll come up for that...

Pepe: Ok.

The Hater: Might be there early.

Pepe: Ok.

The Hater: I mean EARLY.

Pepe: Cool.

The Hater: No, I mean EARRRRLY!

Pepe: Ok.

The Hater: REALLY early...

Pepe: alright

...Sometimes, even with Pepe, you win some, you lose some....


  1. haha i lol'd when i saw the bells and confetti one! Good times!

  2. I figured my dork factor may go through the roof when I showed the use of my emoticons (free app!) but fuck it, anything for fun Fun FUN!

  3. Good times baby!!!

    I hate that!


  4. those were beyond emoticons, haha, those were celebration chimes! good times!