Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Full tank on my FXR cost me $16.44 for the good stuff this afternoon.

I think it was at $4.25 a gallon today at Chevron.

Regardless of price, I always run high octane in my motorcycles. Unless you're not planning on keeping and maintaining your bike, I guess it doesn't matter... but for me, it does. It's no coincidence that my heads and pistons have very little carbon build up every time I've done a top end. Warming it up goes a long way too.


  1. Cost me $16.80 to fill my TL with premium before i came home!!!
    4 gallons, fucked!!!

  2. Ha, you guys haven't started living yet. Come get a tankful here and you'll be thankful there.

  3. ha here in germany 0,26 Gallons 98octane 2,38 dollars

  4. Same here..$16+ of the good stuff in the road thing today