Sunday, March 20, 2011


Jones has an amazing record so far but like many of my friends (if not all of them), we did not think he was ready for an opponent as such a caliber as Shogun Rua. We were all wrong (except Pepe of course! more on that later).

Shogun was just fucking plowed through last night. I don't care what the excuses are, it was what it was. Shogun basically did not do anything aside from taking a major pounding. His first title defense and he got completely handled. None of us expected this outcome while watching but it sure as hell was neat to watch.

The stats from FightMetrics is pretty nuts too:

And... it was pretty fucking gnarly seeing Rua tap out from strikes in the end. See evidence below:

Looks like we got a new young champ in Light Heavyweight.I don't think Rashad Evans will have a chance.

Oh, and the best Pepe trick is to flip flop between both fighters and hope no one is going to notice or say anything.


  1. Jones put on a clinic of the basics, no fancy shit..straight power body shots and breakin him down physically and mentally..

  2. Best thing about Jones is even though he's young and really good, he's humble and willing to work for his. too many of these young fighters want that belt handed to them because they did "okay" in some prelims. Jones is well rounded and like Silva and St. Pierre I think he's gonna be on top for a while until someone figures out how to not get their face reconstructed by a spinning elbow. Should Cro Cop go back to being just a cop?? Probably so.