Thursday, March 3, 2011


So when Makonabe and Motoyan were in town, I offered them lots of magic remedies to get lifted. What I forgot about is that I had some cookies that Nator's neighbor had baked up. As you may know, the greenery has been running rampant in Southern CA lately with some laws being lifted and just becoming an easy ticket for possession/use.

So I gave Makonabe and Motoyan a cookie. I gave them one cookie with the instructions of making sure they split the cookie in half and eating it just before they get on the long 10.5 hour flight back to Japan from LAX.

Motoyan ended up eating the whole cookie slowly over the course of 2 hours without Makonabe knowing. We found this out while we were watching UFC 127 over at Nator's. But lucky for Makonabe, Nator had a whole bag of them in his refrigerator. So Nator gave Makonabe one for himself and made sure he didn't eat the whole thing just before getting on the plane.

So the two guys leave Nator's, headed for LAX. Makonabe drops his rental car off and before entering the airport, he eats half. Motoyan eats the other half.

Motoyan: cookie and a half
Makonabe: half a cookie

So here's what Makonabe had to say about the half he ate.

"I didn't feel anything after I ate it. The whole time we were making our way back to the airport from the rental car place, checking in, going through customs, nothing. Then all of a sudden, about an hour before boarding, it struck me so fucking hard. I had to tell Motoyan to make sure I didn't fall asleep or do anything strange. When I got on the plane, the whole 10 hour plane ride back, I couldn't tell if I was awake or sleeping. Motoyan seemed fine but it was a crazy fucking time for me, that damn SPACE COOKIE!"

According to Makonabe, Motoyan was completely fine.

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  1. Damn, cookies look good Nelson. Maybe when I retire I can try one!!!!! hahahhaha