Monday, March 7, 2011


...the island of country Japan has some seriously good fucking snacks. In my biased opinion, I think it's the best junk food in the world. I usually try to stay away from serious junk food like chips and shit like that, I eat enough tripas other deep fried goodness to worry myself already.

I rarely ever buy junk food when I'm grocery shopping but if it falls into my lap... like if Sasha buys the occasional bag of something-something, I can't deal. Gotta sample it. Or if Shin (who took this photo from a 7-11 in Tokyo), sends me a box of goodies from our Tokyo office then well - fuck! can't let it go to waste, dog! Can't give my share away either.
I have the hardest time walking away from the snack section at Marukai, the Japanese market in Torrance. They have a solid selection of junk food.

CantStayJose has text'd me last week, "that Japanese chocolate is so good."

I always considered Doritos to be the devil. I wish it never existed.
It's a sinful treat. Stayed away from it so far this year.


  1. The japanese make our snacks pale in comparison. I have to agree.

  2. Well, there you have it. The world's top two snack experts have made their declarations.

    Time for the next post. This one is done....

  3. HAHAHA dick.

    but yes, Jose and CD may know a thing or two about snacky-snacks.

  4. yeah, a thing or two...