Monday, April 11, 2011


I don't care. Nick Diaz is rad to watch. I like this guy, actually. He talks a bunch of shit and backs it up. I don't care who says what, he kicks ass even though he's a little bit loopy. Maybe he smokes too much weed, I don't know, but he reminds me a little of Pepe!

This interview is pretty funny, just a day before his fight against Paul Daley on Saturday night.

I found this YouTube version of it so all my stone age homies with no computer but have iPhones can peep it yo:

And if you got 5 minutes to spare, watch this brawl from Saturday night before YouTube takes it down!

And then his post fight interview... why does he think he's going to get suspended? Paranoia kicking in. Nobody else seems to know why either. He won fair and square:


  1. I think I like Diaz more know than ever. Those
    Interviews are the shit.

  2. that was an awesome fight, weird ending but both those dudes get the fuck down.

  3. ...after the fight, he went to a cameraman and forcibly turned his camera to show Daley assed out on his stool, then went over to Daley and gave him the Stockton Hey-Buddy while his trainers were trying to wake him up.

    Coming off the beatdown he and the Cesar Gracie crew put on Mayhem live on CBS [when Miller entered the cage after Shields beat Hendo] he was probably warned not do do stupid shit like that again.

  4. How could you hate this dude? Sure, he's got a persecution complex, but he'll scrap with anyone, talk shit to anyone, has a titanium chin and he's entertaining as fuck. Pissed me off, though, when he lost to Diego Sanchez. I hate that dude.

    Funny, the runtime of the first video is 4:20. Coincidence? I think not.

  5. Agree him and Nate and Nick are rad