Friday, April 29, 2011


So after Jahluv's comment about visiting the Happy Cup Ramen truck , I had to go back.

Just so you all know, you can track the location of this truck by clicking here.

You really need to go find this truck.

For one, I honestly think they have the best steamed pork buns "nikuman" in all of Southern California... and I've had many. This "best" rating includes all manapua/charsiu bao I've had around here too.

I added shoyu (soy sauce) to mine and let me tell you, it's fucking delightful. Usually they're like $1.00-$2.00 at other places but this truck has the homemade gourmet shit, so it's $3.50 from them. Soo worth it.
And I had heard and read about this new school ramen. I couldn't get myself to order it the first time. I've seen it on menus when I've been to Japan in the last few years... guess I'm a traditionalist when it comes to ramen... but I went and ordered the GARLIC MISO CHEESE RAMEN.

Holy shit, people. It's pretty different from the usual ramen affair but this happy ass bowl of miso based broth, ground pork, garlic and topped with parmesan cheese was amazing! I couldn't believe it. I even told the cook that I was so wrong for thinking this cheese'd ramen thing was bullshit, "thanks for proving me wrong!"

Yeah, go check it out. Maybe you'll find them somewhere this weekend!


  1. I wish we had shit like this in the midwest! I only get to LA area once every two years! But I am taking notes of some of these places! Thanks

  2. where are you in the midwest?

  3. I went after work on Saturday - I had the cheese ramen too after the lady working the window assured me it was good. Got my wife the Happy Cup Ramen. Their steamed pork buns are damn good too...