Monday, April 18, 2011


I feel like I got ripped off. This winter was short and barely even got Southern California "Cold" for long. I always look forward to riding to work in full gear.
Yes, I am complaining that it wasn't cold enough here. HA HA.

One thing I do like when it gets warm is my mom making somen noodles.


  1. could be worse,you could live here in portland and long for the days you dont have to wear gortex to ride.

  2. I got Gortex lined gloves from H-D. They always soak through after 30 minutes of hard rain. The Technic rain suit I got works well though, along with these H-D genuine " rain booties".

    So do you watch Portlandia? That show is funny and creepy. Its makes me feel all weird watching it. Portland's a rad town, no doubt, amazing food and everything, but you have to admit that show is funny!

  3. that show nailed it!im from sylmar Ca.and have lived here in portland for 15yrs and still cant get used to the level of weirdness i see in this town.the people here are very similar to the characters in that show,shit i know some of them.

  4. I got in-laws that live in Portland. There is a certain likeness between them, their friends, and that show!

    What do your friends think of that show?

  5. the ones that remind me of the characters on the show?they can laugh at it but say "portlands not like this"i just laugh and say yes,yes it is.