Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I have a friend named Pepe.
He's pretty funny and I like to keep a log of all the funny things he says and does.


As usual, the names of people and/or things have been changed to protect the innocent. This story started several years ago, maybe around 6 years ago already and kept going for a couple of years after that. It took our favorite Pepe a little while to figure it out, but he did eventually.

When I put my knucklehead together and got it running about 7 or 8 years ago, there really weren't many around. I mean sure, there were guys who bought a completely rebuilt/pre-existing running bike... but to source all the parts, figure it all out, get it running without oil leaking on EVERYTHING without the risk of fire was quite a task.

So just for fun, a couple of friends and I made some t-shirts for us like minded individuals who put together knuckleheads at home in our garage. It was a pretty exclusive t-shirt considering you had to be a friend and you had to get a pile of junk knucklehead parts together. This was the part that Pepe had a little trouble understanding, that you needed to have it running before you got the shirt. There were others too that couldn't figure this out but Pepe was by far the most persistent about it.

Here are a couple of the best Knucklehead Fever episodes with Pepe over the years.

At our annual Sinners SoCal 4th of July Party (2005?)
Pepe: dude, T-Rad and I picked up that knuck frame and engine!

Me: right on, where is it?

Pepe: I want my shirt!

Me: it's a whole bike?

Pepe: yeah, it's all there, dude.

Me: gotta have it running before you get the shirt, dog

Pepe: what?! it's COMPLETE! psssht, you listening to me?

Me: then ride it over here, let's see it.

Pepe: it's right here!

Me: where?

Pepe: right in the trunk of that fucking car!

Me: then that means it ain't running if its in the trunk of a fucking car.

Pepe: that's bullshit, just give me the fucking shirt.

About 2 or 3 years later, after he had the rolling chassis together...

Pepe: I got the frame all powder coated and everything, dog. Front end is on, FULL ON ROLLER! Finally!

Me: right on, I'll come check it out

Pepe: bring the shirt if you're coming over dude!

Me: you have no motor in it, that means no shirt.

Pepe: what the fuck do you mean?! IT'S FUCKING DONE!

Me: then ride it over, let's see it.

Pepe: I live 2 blocks away! just come over and bring the shirt!

Me: EXACTLY, you live 2 BLOCKS away - ride it over and I'll have the shirt right here for you.

Pepe: fucking stupid dude. psssht, you don't even get it. It's done.

There has been many other episodes of Knucklehead Fever with Pepe. The fever had run so deep, that it made his palms sweaty and he had to take a lukewarm bath to keep the temperature down. On many occasions, I had to offer Children's Tylenol so it would keep the madness at bay.

One time, a mutual friend of ours was wearing a similar shirt... but it wasn't an actual Knucklehead Fever shirt, it was a Knuckleheads Forever shirt. Pepe didn't notice it was "Forever" instead of "Fever" on the shirt and completely lost it. Several people received a phone call and an earful from Pepe about that one. But that's a whole other chapter.

The End.
Knuckleheads Forever!


  1. what do you mean!

    poor NELLY!!!!

  2. PPssshhhtt you CAN't wear that shirt yers isn't even together yet...!!

  3. If he has power to the coil you should totally give him the shirt.

  4. Oh Man this is the best shit on the web. I just spewed coffe all over, keyboard is ruined

  5. I been hearing, no one cares what you did years ago. Time to build another knuckle

  6. daaamn, ADAM! you gotta BUILD at least ONE BIKE (or at maybe 10 of them) before you start talking shit to me, homey.