Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I have a friend named Pepe.
He's pretty funny and I like to keep a log of all the funny things he says and does.


Pepe and I were on the subject of lunch in public schools when the topic of milk came up. I told him if you were sick and had a note, they gave us juice instead of milk at the elementary school I went to in Hawaii. Pepe said they might've had juice AND chocolate milk as a daily option at his school in Southern California. I couldn't believe it - chocolate milk? wow. Here's how it went.

Me: holy shit! you guys had chocolate milk in school?

Pepe: I think so, I dunno.

Me: what the hell do you mean you think so? it was CHOCOLATE MILK! I can't believe they served that at school!

Pepe: yeah, we did.

Me: every kid in the school probably got chocolate milk then! who the hell else would drink anything else if you're a little kid!

Pepe: yeah, probably.

Me: did you ever get it?

Pepe: uuuhh... I dunno

Me: come on now, you gotta remember that

Pepe: I might've had it everyday. Yeah, I did... haha


  1. They had Chocolate Milk at my elem school... doubt they had it at Pepe Univ..

  2. Pepe?
    Chocolate milk?
    Every day?

    No way.

    I can't believe it....

  3. When I was in kindergarden we were having milk break (I believe we brought our own milk). The kid across the table from me (Johnny Malkmus) was eating oreos and drinking chocolate milk when he started laughing at a joke. Chocolate milk and cookies shot out of his nose. I immediately pukes my guts out!

  4. hahaha thats a good story, Matt!

  5. Is that Malkmus anything to do with Pavement Malkmus?

  6. Shit I thought every school back in the day had chocolate milk?

  7. shit its been years since elementary school but i do remember chocolate milk being an option in the LA school dist.really sweet,to sweet for me even as a kid.

  8. Wednesday was chocolate milk day. if I was lucky, mom gave me the extra .02 or it was the white stuff again